OK. So I’m sure that you have heard about life in Mars and the Moon… Studies clearly state that the only life in our Solar System is on ‘The Blue Planet’- Earth. Our planet provides water that allows there to be life.
SO… This doesn’t support all of the sightings of UFOs, right?!
There have been LOADS of sightings and photos that prove that there could actually be UFOs and alien life in our Solar System, for example…
The first highly publicized UFO sighting occurred in 1897, in a small Texan community called Aurora (it was a UFO crash).
There was a photo taken of a UFO hovering over military activity in Bagdad. Apparently the photo was taken by a US soldier in 2006 who was completely unaware of the metallic disc!
There was also a UFO sighting in front of an Egyptian pyramid in 2008.
There have been MILLIONS of sightings!!!
Some people say that extra-terrestrials are likely to possess and take over human foibles such as greed, violence and a tendency to exploit others resources!
They also say that they are quite as likely to be searching for somewhere to live, and to drink water and take fuel and minerals. A leading scientist says that we should prepare for the worst if aliens come because they could be just like humans!
So let me break it down for you… BEWARE of aliens, they could be prowling among us as we speak!!!
In my opinion, aliens and humans can never be together as both of our species possess power.

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