Blog about SCHOOL!

School’s out!! But most of us are still thinking about it because we have stacks and piles of homework 😦
Summer should be a time for relaxing and having a nice time with family and friends! Don’t you teachers understand that?!
I know that we have to remember everything that we have been doing throughout the year but still…
In school you get lots of different types of teachers such as: the really nice ones who know how to smile (this is rare), the ones that are just about as bored as the students, the ones that only give out homework and not much class, the ones that don’t know how to spell and have confusing handwriting, etc.. etc..etc..
But the ones that annoy me are the ones that can never remember my name! I guess that this could be because i have an English name and i live in Spain… But if I take the time to learn their names then they should learn my name and not call me “the English one”.
I remember a few years back there were debates about bringing back the cane 😦 i don’t think it streched any further than teachers discussing the matter but it COULD come back. When I was younger there were quite a few things that I would of been punished by the cane like: writing rude comments in the guest comment book, pressing the print button hundreds of times, and when the copies came out I chucked them out the window and some down the toilet! … There were more things but it’s best that they stay a secret.
But school is over now until september… YAY! So I can forget about teachers and waking up early!

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