My dreams.

When I was younger I dreamt A LOT. These days I just dream about things that bother me but there isn’t any adventure anymore:(. For a whole entire year I was having horrible nightmares and I remember hating going to sleep because I was scared.
When I was small (around 7 or 8 years old) I used to have dreams and when I woke up, I would draw them! I was looking back on some old sketches and I remembered some of my dreams (well it was a series of dreams from the same category)… They started by me on my own or with someone, I can’t remember clearly, and we/I walked through an old battered castle door and at my feet was a dungeon with poor, helpless people… Anyway, as I was walking into the hall there was a large sitting room with an enormous red (very posh) couch. On this couch layed an older woman and she was holding some kind of cocktail in her hand. I kept on walking through the sitting room and at the end there was a door. As I was walking through this door I could hear whispering coming from the vent just above the door frame. The dream ended there, but only for that night. Each night (this went on for about a week) there was a different monster. On the last night there was a crocodile trying to eat me but he couldn’t get to me because of cocktail glasses inbetween us and of course, crocodiles don’t wear shoes! I remember looking up and seeing someone and he was telling me to hold onto a telephone wire so he could pull me up to safety. Maybe I had pigeon feet/hands?!
(That’s where that dream ended). I will share the next dream in a couple of days:)


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