More dreams.

More dreams!

Other nightmares that I had were about a witch! I think that the dreams were inspired from Hansel and Gretal- a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a horrible, old witch!
We were a group of kids who wanted adventure so everyday we went to this cottage. I think that we must of forgotten about the horrible witch who did horrible things to us, because we went to the cottage everyday as if nothing had happened! I only really remember the last dream of this witch. It was at night time, the witch promised that she would be nice to us and that she wouldn’t eat us… Soo she turned off all the lights and she told us to close our eyes… And she said: I have a surprise for you! (she was holding a large metal container) and I said- I bet it’s our heads.” And it turned out to be a big cake with balloons and party accessories hehe!
I didn’t draw this dream, but to picture it… The witch looked like a skinny old hag with skin of a roasted turkey and she had feather hair…?
The rest of my nightmares were really loud noises that I experienced when I was awake and strange sightings.
Sweet dreams:)

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