My family experience.

The other night my family decided on going to a restauraut with some coupon things that we got from some website…
So we gave directions to the taxi driver and we ended up in the port. We looked around us and we saw the restaurant- it was in a nightclub… My sis and I stayed in the gate until our parents had gone in to ‘investigate’…
This nightclub is a very big thing in the city, so there were a lot of teenagers all dolled-up! So we went in and it turned out that we had to pay for our meal even though we had these coupons… So Mum phoned up the coupon company and she had a go at them saying: we weren’t supposed to pay a penny! And they said: you’re supposed to be in a cinema with tickets of your choice, and Mum said: ok, so that explains the disco balls and the party atmosphere yeeeh… And this guy said: at least you have a free entrance ticket to the nightclub! And Mum said: we have two small children with us and we are wearing jeans and old t-shirts!! In the end they gave us a free meal, cinema tickets and… A dance…
The highlight of the night were two kittens jumping up onto the table and eating our food, adorable;)

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