Mediterranean food.

A few years ago the food that I ate changed quite a bit. When I was younger my mother would cook a lot of varied, healthy food, but since our big move to Spain my diet changed quite a bit. In England I would eat sheppards pie, lentils, Indian style rice, and lots of cooked food as my family have always believed in eating a lot of varied food to lead a healthier lifestyle.
All of my friends think that English people eat too much of what will make us unhealthy and overweight- and my attempts of proving them wrong usually fail. I guess that there are a lot of English people who eat as they shouldn’t be eating… But here is my opinion on Spanish food:
My mother has always added a lot of colour into our food, but in Spain the majority of the food is white or yellow! For example: they eat a lot of potatoe, bread, egg, rice, fish, etc.
The other day was my friends’ aunts birthday so I went along to keep her company, so we had dinner and the first thing that they bought out were prawns, lobsters and other fish, and then they bought out sausages, ham, steaks and other meats, and at the end they bought out potatoes, bread and a sponge cake, so they also eat a lot of meat!
There were loads of old people there and they kept on shoving piles of baby cows heads and snails onto my plate and saying that I had obviously never tried it because I was English, and at the end, I said that I was vegetarian! The whole table was staring at me as if I was from a different planet!
So my opinion is this: the Spanish know how to cook what they cook but they aren’t prepared to try other things and experiment. Also, there is a lack of colour and variety:)

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