My exchange student friend.

One of my Spanish friends came back from her holiday in England yesterday, she was staying with an English family and here is her opinion:
The family were very bad cooks!- they gave her cans of baked beans for lunch and they gave her rice, mince and… Baked beans!
She told me that two of the things that she learnt the most were how to be very polite and how to hug- in Spain when people give food, the receiver isn’t expected to say thankyou, but in England pleases and thankyous are very important! And in Spain people welcome others with two kisses but in England people are more into hugging!
She also said that she was wearing jeans and jumpers outside and inside. She was even wearing plastic bags around her feet to not get them
Muddy! (she was boiling when she got back home).
She told me that her family were very strange… She only saw the teenage girl
Twice and all she said was ‘hi’, and the rest of the family didn’t talk to her so she didn’t learn a lot of English there.
There were loads of things that she LOVED like: Shops- HMV, Harrods, Hollister, Primark, Gap… Landmarks: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London tower…
So she had a big experience and she is happy to hear Spanish again!

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