Are we real?

I have always wondered if I was the only person who actually exists, as if the whole world is fake and it’s only real when I’m looking at it.
It sounds really really spoilt… But what if it was true?
Sometimes I wonder if in the future I will realize that I was an experiment, and that everyone was filming me and seeing what an average kid got up to in life!
What if everyone is acting?
I wonder if anyone thinks the same thing?
I also think there are other worlds, completely different to ours, and they wonder if there is another alternative world out there somewhere?…!
But I do believe in a lot of impossible things… Remember when you were younger and your parents would tell you not to step on the cracks on the street because monsters will come out from them? I dont believe in that but I believe that every time we step on them the world gradually opens up or cracks open!
Another thing I do when I’m out is always start walking with my left foot, when I step onto pavements, or walk up and down the stairs, I always start with my left foot! I think that something terrible might happen if I don’t obbey this ‘rule’!
I wonder if anyone thinks the same as me or has any other strange habits that they have to follow?

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  1. CGHill
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 00:25:07

    Reminds me of the philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753), who argued that nothing actually exists unless it is perceived. He called this “immaterialism.” Dr Samuel Johnson, unimpressed, kicked a stone, and remarked: “I refute it thus.”


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