London trip!

I went to london for a few days and it was amazing! I love london, it brought back a lot of memories from when I used to live in England and I saw so many other amazing attractions and experiences!
First of all… I love the cabs! They are just so big and comfortable, and the drivers don’t drive like loons! Seriously, when i’m in a Spanish cab, I rip out the leather from the seats from gripping and holding on so much!
Another thing I liked was the fact that everyone went around in whatever they liked, (clothes) because where I live, people shop in the same stores and if someone looks different they get a lot of noses turned up at them. Everyone has a different, unique style, London is just so creative.
Another thing that stood out was the lack of bins, I know that’s for security reasons but London seemed a lot dirtier from what I expected, but saying that, you could probably walk around in bare feet here!
I will return in a couple of days with more things that I experienced in London… Bye!

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