Museum in London!

The museums were great! I went to the war museum and a portrait museum. In the war museum we bought some earphones which explained the war to us so I learnt about what children did when they were evacuated and about some of the planes, submarines… But when I got very tired and I sat down, the earphones suddenly started playing some really freaky music and a voice said: this museum used to be a mental hospital at war time and, beware! Because some people say that there are ghosts of the mentally sick people walking around the museum to this very day! That was when I saw a French couple, they were walking around in old-fashioned clothes and they both looked very serious and they kept on staring at me! That’s when I said: “mum?! Can you see that French couple?” she said yes, and she couldn’t keep her eyes off the mans moustache! But my sister couldn’t see them..

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