Sorry I’m two days late!

I went in to school the other day to do a few resit exams. When I saw my teachers I was reminded of why I loved them so much…
1- Spanish Teacher: he speaks as if he had a dictionary in front of him. He does this ‘cough’ after every few words so he talks like this: And so mhhhm the meaning ehmm of that word hmm … But with more complicated language!
2- My Citizenship Teacher: he talks as if there was a peg on his nose and he is the dullest, most impacient man in the history of man kind!
3- My English Teacher: also known as the: what? What subject does she teach?
She doesn’t know how to speak English, and when I try to correct her she tells me to read a dictionary; she wears these glasses which make her eyes look 3x bigger than what they actually are, (scary); and she hates kids. This teacher actually failed me in English this year… Crazy.
4- Valencian Language and Music Teacher: she has been very nice to me this year. She is also my tutor and she gave me a good grade in valencian, (even though I don’t know how to speak it!) … The main problem is the amount of homework she gives us.
5- Social Sciences Teacher: one of the best teachers, he doesn’t even give us homework! Sometimes when he can’t be bothered to teach he puts ‘the Simpsons’ on in class, and the person who is closest to the window has to look out to see if the headmaster is coming down the hallway… (you aren’t aloud to put movies on in class).
6- Natural Sciences Teacher: the kindest teacher. When he’s telling someone off he uses this really pathetic little mouse voice, so he isn’t that scary! He didn’t give me any homework for this summer, yay! And when he smiles, everyone smiles because, I don’t know, it’s just his vibe I guess.
7- P.E. Teacher: Isn’t anything close to energetic! He makes us go to the park twice a week and run around this huge water fountain in the blazing hot heat! (he just lies on the wall sunbathing). When people get to the other side of the fountain they lie down underneath the wall so that he can’t see us panting and throwing up, (it has happened). He doesn’t smoke, but he has a really rough loud voice, it’s really scary!
8- Religion Teacher: bad singer! He sings all these religios songs in Italian, no idea why. I remember last year he plugged his computer into the white board so that there were two identical screens, and when he stood up to explain something us, the white board went onto the screen saver mode and pictures of him in his underpants with his baby in the bath started appearing! It was hilarious!
9- Another Spanish Teacher: needs to retire, (he’s almost 80)! He is deaf and blind so in class we aren’t taught anything and people just spend their time… Singing, being idiots, throwing sharp, heavy objects around the class etc.etc.
10- Maths Teacher: simply scary… I know I’m using that word a lot but it is the best word for these teachers! She gives us heaps of homework and she explains really badly. Half my year group failed maths this year.

As mad as my teachers are… They have somehow managed to keep their jobs! They also set really bad examples. They smoke inbetween classes in the school grounds and people have actually seen them getting drunk in school festivals!
(by the way, this is one of the best schools in the city!)… 😉


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