School photos.

Yeh, we all love them… Not! Well, apart from those who always somehow manage to look amazing in them. School photos always arrive on the worst day possible for me, you don’t believe me? Take a look at this:
– In 2005/6 there was a change of season so all of the flowers were out and everything was blossoming. That’s where the damn bee came from… I look as if someones just about to punch me…
– In 2007 I was the only person wearing the school dress so when you look at the photo, I stand out a lot with my bright, green, dish cloth dress.
– In 2008 I had a justin bieber haircut gone wrong, yeh, it’s possible.
– In 2009 I thought we had P.E so I went to school in sport clothes.
– In 2010 we had the photo right after having our gym class so everyone was sweating and looked horribly red.
– In 2011, well, I think this might be my lucky year but we’ll see!
Tell me about your worst school photo, I would love to know!
I’m sorry for not writing so much these days, but I promise to write at least once a week as I have started school and have a rather large stack of homework staring at me in the corner…
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Ciao people 😉