Study time!


This day could possibly become the worst day of my life! I mean, how am I going to memorize a whole biology book and a whole history of music book in 7 hours?!
The worst part is that it is all written in Spanish (OH the joy).
It is so hard to concentrate! What would you do? I have a fridge just accross the room full of food, a phone that doesn’t shut up and a sister who is happily playing a computer game.
What am i supposed to do?!
I’ll be back soon 😉


Scuba diving!

The first question you would probably like to know, should I try it out? My answer, the only regret you will have will be that you hadn’t discovered it sooner!
The feeling of being under water and being able to breathe is about the most amazing experience you could ever think of!
All through my childhood I had 3 big dreams: flying, swimming with dolphins and being able to breathe underwater. Knowing that two of these dreams could come true have made me always want to follow them.
So I went to Majorca this year and we found a diving school on the coast, so my sister and I decided to go the very next day to do a ‘test dive’. It was simply fascinating, from the boat ride to the dive I couldn’t stop smiling. The gear seemed heavy at first but we were soon to learn that it didn’t weigh a thing in the water.
I was actually quite nervous at first because I didn’t know if I was going to have problems breathing and so was my sister; when they put the weights on her she said: they’re going to drown me! I was scared about it being hard to breathe because when I was 7 my best friend told me he was going to the army when he was 16 and I told him not to worry as I was going to be a diver! So he decided to crush my dreams and say that you could only breathe once every minute- nice friendship we had, yeah?
The dive was amazing, it didn’t last long as my sister was breathing so much that her oxygen ran out but the water was so clear and it wasn’t hard to breathe at all! I would do it again, but for a month as I wasn’t down there for long.

School photos.

Yeh, we all love them… Not! Well, apart from those who always somehow manage to look amazing in them. School photos always arrive on the worst day possible for me, you don’t believe me? Take a look at this:
– In 2005/6 there was a change of season so all of the flowers were out and everything was blossoming. That’s where the damn bee came from… I look as if someones just about to punch me…
– In 2007 I was the only person wearing the school dress so when you look at the photo, I stand out a lot with my bright, green, dish cloth dress.
– In 2008 I had a justin bieber haircut gone wrong, yeh, it’s possible.
– In 2009 I thought we had P.E so I went to school in sport clothes.
– In 2010 we had the photo right after having our gym class so everyone was sweating and looked horribly red.
– In 2011, well, I think this might be my lucky year but we’ll see!
Tell me about your worst school photo, I would love to know!
I’m sorry for not writing so much these days, but I promise to write at least once a week as I have started school and have a rather large stack of homework staring at me in the corner…
Thanks for reading, subscribing and commenting! (if you do)
Ciao people 😉

Those annoying moments.

Some things that annoy me:

Oh yes, you know what I mean. We all have these awkward moments in life which seem to happen on a daily basis… You don’t know what I mean? Well, here are some examples:

1- When you’re walking down the street and someone is walking towards you. So when you come closer to them, you kind of do this dodging movement until you think you know which way to go, but oh no, he goes the same way.
2- When I’m with someone and they say: ‘hey did you know that…’ or, ‘can you…’ and they don’t finish their sentence. And then you say ‘what? Can I what?’ and they say something like: ‘nah doesn’t matter, leave it’.
3- When you are having a conversation with someone and in the middle of conversation they say: ‘and then guess what happened’, and I say: ‘what? What happened?’ and they would keep on saying: ‘ah come on, guess!’ Annoying.
4- When you’re in a supermarket and there is a very varied selection of apples, muffins, etc. And you can’t decide which one to take. So you find that you’re hand is hovering over all of them trying to find the tastiest one! I hate the awkwardness of people watching you and waiting for their turn.
5- When I’m with my sister, we like to find ‘the shortcut’. So when she goes a different way and says: ‘I’m so going to beat you’, she starts running, and when we get to the finishing point, she is out of breath! And then there comes the arguments about how she ran all the way, so then I go her way, and she goes my way. And thats when we remember leaving something in the oven, whoops!

There are loads of things that annoy me! Tell me if you do any of these things or if you have any other of those annoying, awkward moments. 😉


Sorry I’m two days late!

I went in to school the other day to do a few resit exams. When I saw my teachers I was reminded of why I loved them so much…
1- Spanish Teacher: he speaks as if he had a dictionary in front of him. He does this ‘cough’ after every few words so he talks like this: And so mhhhm the meaning ehmm of that word hmm … But with more complicated language!
2- My Citizenship Teacher: he talks as if there was a peg on his nose and he is the dullest, most impacient man in the history of man kind!
3- My English Teacher: also known as the: what? What subject does she teach?
She doesn’t know how to speak English, and when I try to correct her she tells me to read a dictionary; she wears these glasses which make her eyes look 3x bigger than what they actually are, (scary); and she hates kids. This teacher actually failed me in English this year… Crazy.
4- Valencian Language and Music Teacher: she has been very nice to me this year. She is also my tutor and she gave me a good grade in valencian, (even though I don’t know how to speak it!) … The main problem is the amount of homework she gives us.
5- Social Sciences Teacher: one of the best teachers, he doesn’t even give us homework! Sometimes when he can’t be bothered to teach he puts ‘the Simpsons’ on in class, and the person who is closest to the window has to look out to see if the headmaster is coming down the hallway… (you aren’t aloud to put movies on in class).
6- Natural Sciences Teacher: the kindest teacher. When he’s telling someone off he uses this really pathetic little mouse voice, so he isn’t that scary! He didn’t give me any homework for this summer, yay! And when he smiles, everyone smiles because, I don’t know, it’s just his vibe I guess.
7- P.E. Teacher: Isn’t anything close to energetic! He makes us go to the park twice a week and run around this huge water fountain in the blazing hot heat! (he just lies on the wall sunbathing). When people get to the other side of the fountain they lie down underneath the wall so that he can’t see us panting and throwing up, (it has happened). He doesn’t smoke, but he has a really rough loud voice, it’s really scary!
8- Religion Teacher: bad singer! He sings all these religios songs in Italian, no idea why. I remember last year he plugged his computer into the white board so that there were two identical screens, and when he stood up to explain something us, the white board went onto the screen saver mode and pictures of him in his underpants with his baby in the bath started appearing! It was hilarious!
9- Another Spanish Teacher: needs to retire, (he’s almost 80)! He is deaf and blind so in class we aren’t taught anything and people just spend their time… Singing, being idiots, throwing sharp, heavy objects around the class etc.etc.
10- Maths Teacher: simply scary… I know I’m using that word a lot but it is the best word for these teachers! She gives us heaps of homework and she explains really badly. Half my year group failed maths this year.

As mad as my teachers are… They have somehow managed to keep their jobs! They also set really bad examples. They smoke inbetween classes in the school grounds and people have actually seen them getting drunk in school festivals!
(by the way, this is one of the best schools in the city!)… 😉

Looking outside my window…

Looking outside my window…

Now that people are finally piling back into the city from being away all summer, I’m starting to remember how loud it gets! I’m sitting down looking out onto the street… Let’s see what I can hear…
1- there’s one of those mini trucks, street cleaners outside my window and it’s chasing a pigeon because it’s got loads of bread in its mouth!
2- there’s a lady shouting at her dog because it pooped outside someones front door. Oh no wait… It went on her shoe!
3- there’s a girl trying to climb up a drain pipe… Eew! That’s where the dog pooped!
4- Oh wow this is so typical, there’s this car that can’t get out of its space so it’s crashing back and forth against the two cars that blocking its way. Those cars look as if they’ve been in an accident!

Oh you’ve got to love the Spanish 😉

My next post will be about my teachers as I will be going into school tomorrow for an exam … wish me luck! 🙂

Ooh, they grow up so fast.

I wonder how people have changed?…

Wow… This summer has gone past so fast, I can’t believe it’s almost over!
This summer… Hmm I haven’t changed much in ‘who I am’, but I have grown a lot taller! I am finally taller than one of my friends, I thought I would never see the day (sniffs).
I was looking at my friends on FaceBook and I already know that this year is going to be pretty interesting… Here are some things that I have heard about:
1- Someone died their hair blonde… He’s a brunette.
2- Someone cut it all off!
3- Someone got into drugs…
4- Someone got obsessed with buying gold and silver clothes, (I can’t see that going down very well with our teachers).
5- This isn’t to do with one of the students but our English teacher had a kid! I wonder if she has grown to like kids… Yeah, she hates us!

School starts on the 14th and we have had since the 24th of June and in that time, a lot of things could of happened! I can’t wait to see how people have changed, but not looking forward to seeing which teachers I’m having this year… But that’s another blog 😉

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