In the future they’ll do it differently.

I was looking at a website yesterday and it was about what scientists are predicting for the future. some of those predictions were the following: by 2012 facebook will have 1 billion users! there will be 20 million ipads sold by 2010, blu-ray will be 50% of the market by 2012 and it will take over DVD, talking cars will be on the road by 2012, and of course, doomsday.

So they were some media based predictions so here are my predictions to do with life in general. A lot more people will use English, and a lot more languages will become unused; public transport will be used a lot more, there won’t be so many cars on the street; young people will be leaving home a lot earlier, people will become a lot more dependent on their parents and on other family members; everything will be powered by solar energy or any kind of energy that won’t be so bad for the environment; people will have very strong, bad cases of brain damage due to the amount of mobile phone, computer, video games, etc. usage; Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny will exist… nah just kidding !

Another possible future item could be robots, we are just so lazy these days, where are all the old fashion values gone?! I wonder what other things await us in the future…

if you wanted to know how often I blog, from now on I will be blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My sister just started her own blog on WordPress, she is going slightly mental, writing like 3 posts a day but check her out if you want to!

Adios. 🙂


Museum in London!

The museums were great! I went to the war museum and a portrait museum. In the war museum we bought some earphones which explained the war to us so I learnt about what children did when they were evacuated and about some of the planes, submarines… But when I got very tired and I sat down, the earphones suddenly started playing some really freaky music and a voice said: this museum used to be a mental hospital at war time and, beware! Because some people say that there are ghosts of the mentally sick people walking around the museum to this very day! That was when I saw a French couple, they were walking around in old-fashioned clothes and they both looked very serious and they kept on staring at me! That’s when I said: “mum?! Can you see that French couple?” she said yes, and she couldn’t keep her eyes off the mans moustache! But my sister couldn’t see them..

London trip!

I went to london for a few days and it was amazing! I love london, it brought back a lot of memories from when I used to live in England and I saw so many other amazing attractions and experiences!
First of all… I love the cabs! They are just so big and comfortable, and the drivers don’t drive like loons! Seriously, when i’m in a Spanish cab, I rip out the leather from the seats from gripping and holding on so much!
Another thing I liked was the fact that everyone went around in whatever they liked, (clothes) because where I live, people shop in the same stores and if someone looks different they get a lot of noses turned up at them. Everyone has a different, unique style, London is just so creative.
Another thing that stood out was the lack of bins, I know that’s for security reasons but London seemed a lot dirtier from what I expected, but saying that, you could probably walk around in bare feet here!
I will return in a couple of days with more things that I experienced in London… Bye!

Are we real?

I have always wondered if I was the only person who actually exists, as if the whole world is fake and it’s only real when I’m looking at it.
It sounds really really spoilt… But what if it was true?
Sometimes I wonder if in the future I will realize that I was an experiment, and that everyone was filming me and seeing what an average kid got up to in life!
What if everyone is acting?
I wonder if anyone thinks the same thing?
I also think there are other worlds, completely different to ours, and they wonder if there is another alternative world out there somewhere?…!
But I do believe in a lot of impossible things… Remember when you were younger and your parents would tell you not to step on the cracks on the street because monsters will come out from them? I dont believe in that but I believe that every time we step on them the world gradually opens up or cracks open!
Another thing I do when I’m out is always start walking with my left foot, when I step onto pavements, or walk up and down the stairs, I always start with my left foot! I think that something terrible might happen if I don’t obbey this ‘rule’!
I wonder if anyone thinks the same as me or has any other strange habits that they have to follow?

My exchange student friend.

One of my Spanish friends came back from her holiday in England yesterday, she was staying with an English family and here is her opinion:
The family were very bad cooks!- they gave her cans of baked beans for lunch and they gave her rice, mince and… Baked beans!
She told me that two of the things that she learnt the most were how to be very polite and how to hug- in Spain when people give food, the receiver isn’t expected to say thankyou, but in England pleases and thankyous are very important! And in Spain people welcome others with two kisses but in England people are more into hugging!
She also said that she was wearing jeans and jumpers outside and inside. She was even wearing plastic bags around her feet to not get them
Muddy! (she was boiling when she got back home).
She told me that her family were very strange… She only saw the teenage girl
Twice and all she said was ‘hi’, and the rest of the family didn’t talk to her so she didn’t learn a lot of English there.
There were loads of things that she LOVED like: Shops- HMV, Harrods, Hollister, Primark, Gap… Landmarks: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London tower…
So she had a big experience and she is happy to hear Spanish again!

Mediterranean food.

A few years ago the food that I ate changed quite a bit. When I was younger my mother would cook a lot of varied, healthy food, but since our big move to Spain my diet changed quite a bit. In England I would eat sheppards pie, lentils, Indian style rice, and lots of cooked food as my family have always believed in eating a lot of varied food to lead a healthier lifestyle.
All of my friends think that English people eat too much of what will make us unhealthy and overweight- and my attempts of proving them wrong usually fail. I guess that there are a lot of English people who eat as they shouldn’t be eating… But here is my opinion on Spanish food:
My mother has always added a lot of colour into our food, but in Spain the majority of the food is white or yellow! For example: they eat a lot of potatoe, bread, egg, rice, fish, etc.
The other day was my friends’ aunts birthday so I went along to keep her company, so we had dinner and the first thing that they bought out were prawns, lobsters and other fish, and then they bought out sausages, ham, steaks and other meats, and at the end they bought out potatoes, bread and a sponge cake, so they also eat a lot of meat!
There were loads of old people there and they kept on shoving piles of baby cows heads and snails onto my plate and saying that I had obviously never tried it because I was English, and at the end, I said that I was vegetarian! The whole table was staring at me as if I was from a different planet!
So my opinion is this: the Spanish know how to cook what they cook but they aren’t prepared to try other things and experiment. Also, there is a lack of colour and variety:)

My family experience.

The other night my family decided on going to a restauraut with some coupon things that we got from some website…
So we gave directions to the taxi driver and we ended up in the port. We looked around us and we saw the restaurant- it was in a nightclub… My sis and I stayed in the gate until our parents had gone in to ‘investigate’…
This nightclub is a very big thing in the city, so there were a lot of teenagers all dolled-up! So we went in and it turned out that we had to pay for our meal even though we had these coupons… So Mum phoned up the coupon company and she had a go at them saying: we weren’t supposed to pay a penny! And they said: you’re supposed to be in a cinema with tickets of your choice, and Mum said: ok, so that explains the disco balls and the party atmosphere yeeeh… And this guy said: at least you have a free entrance ticket to the nightclub! And Mum said: we have two small children with us and we are wearing jeans and old t-shirts!! In the end they gave us a free meal, cinema tickets and… A dance…
The highlight of the night were two kittens jumping up onto the table and eating our food, adorable;)

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