Looking outside my window…

Looking outside my window…

Now that people are finally piling back into the city from being away all summer, I’m starting to remember how loud it gets! I’m sitting down looking out onto the street… Let’s see what I can hear…
1- there’s one of those mini trucks, street cleaners outside my window and it’s chasing a pigeon because it’s got loads of bread in its mouth!
2- there’s a lady shouting at her dog because it pooped outside someones front door. Oh no wait… It went on her shoe!
3- there’s a girl trying to climb up a drain pipe… Eew! That’s where the dog pooped!
4- Oh wow this is so typical, there’s this car that can’t get out of its space so it’s crashing back and forth against the two cars that blocking its way. Those cars look as if they’ve been in an accident!

Oh you’ve got to love the Spanish 😉

My next post will be about my teachers as I will be going into school tomorrow for an exam … wish me luck! 🙂