Ooh, they grow up so fast.

I wonder how people have changed?…

Wow… This summer has gone past so fast, I can’t believe it’s almost over!
This summer… Hmm I haven’t changed much in ‘who I am’, but I have grown a lot taller! I am finally taller than one of my friends, I thought I would never see the day (sniffs).
I was looking at my friends on FaceBook and I already know that this year is going to be pretty interesting… Here are some things that I have heard about:
1- Someone died their hair blonde… He’s a brunette.
2- Someone cut it all off!
3- Someone got into drugs…
4- Someone got obsessed with buying gold and silver clothes, (I can’t see that going down very well with our teachers).
5- This isn’t to do with one of the students but our English teacher had a kid! I wonder if she has grown to like kids… Yeah, she hates us!

School starts on the 14th and we have had since the 24th of June and in that time, a lot of things could of happened! I can’t wait to see how people have changed, but not looking forward to seeing which teachers I’m having this year… But that’s another blog 😉