Scuba diving!

The first question you would probably like to know, should I try it out? My answer, the only regret you will have will be that you hadn’t discovered it sooner!
The feeling of being under water and being able to breathe is about the most amazing experience you could ever think of!
All through my childhood I had 3 big dreams: flying, swimming with dolphins and being able to breathe underwater. Knowing that two of these dreams could come true have made me always want to follow them.
So I went to Majorca this year and we found a diving school on the coast, so my sister and I decided to go the very next day to do a ‘test dive’. It was simply fascinating, from the boat ride to the dive I couldn’t stop smiling. The gear seemed heavy at first but we were soon to learn that it didn’t weigh a thing in the water.
I was actually quite nervous at first because I didn’t know if I was going to have problems breathing and so was my sister; when they put the weights on her she said: they’re going to drown me! I was scared about it being hard to breathe because when I was 7 my best friend told me he was going to the army when he was 16 and I told him not to worry as I was going to be a diver! So he decided to crush my dreams and say that you could only breathe once every minute- nice friendship we had, yeah?
The dive was amazing, it didn’t last long as my sister was breathing so much that her oxygen ran out but the water was so clear and it wasn’t hard to breathe at all! I would do it again, but for a month as I wasn’t down there for long.